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           Our Wild Rose Heritage Wild Boar/Domestic Farm started in 1996 with an original herd of 12 Sows and 1 Boar from the San Diego Zoo. Our first export of live Wild Boar/Domestic was in 1997 to a farm in New York state USA consisting of 20 weanlings for breeding stock; and our first export of meat was for the Nagano Japan Winter Olympics in 1998.

           We are proud to claim that all of our Wild Boar/Domestic are raised without antibiotics, no added

hormones, no drugs of any sort. Our feed stocks consist of pesticide free and herbicide free oats, barley, wheat, straw and hay; which is all grown locally within 3 miles of our Wild Rose Heritage Wild Boar/Domestic Farm, located in South Central Alberta Canada. Place an order with us for our human consumption grade quality meat and/or petfood grade offals from (Heritage Wild Boar/Domestic Farm).

                     Try our Wild Boar/Domestic, and find out why we are now known all over the world.



We source, process and deliver high quality animal meat blends for modern efficient pet food production.

Our meat blends are based on Heritage, Beef, Elk, Bison, Wild Boar, Poultry (Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Pheasant, Quail etc.).  Fish (Salmon, Hake, Pollock, White Fish etc.) raw & ground meats, organs, tripe, and bones, originating from CFIA, USDA, and EU approved slaughterhouses across Canada and the United States.

Our products are sold as chilled or frozen raw materials, delivered both in combo bins or in waxed or poly lined boxes. With our processors having decades of experience,  we contribute with specialist knowledge on the right nutritional composition for your products. We offer meat blends designed to the customer niche specifications.

All our products are sourced across Canada, USA, and Europe and our production is export approved by the appropriate food safety and veterinary authorities.

Quality and safety is a key competence of CANADIAN HERITAGE MEATS. All products are processed according to HACCP principles, with full trace ability. We carry all the relevant certifications and export standards to preferred suppliers of top brands of pet food around the world.

Please, call James (403) 422-4242 or email: and let us start working on your specific requirements of human grade quality meat or pet food meat ingredients for your pet food manufacturing.  


Ralph Walker - Founder / President  &  James Webb - General Manager

Chicken & Turkey

OUR HERITAGE BREEDS of Bison, Elk, and Heritage Black Angus - Wagyu