Healthy Meats for People & Their Pets

Ralph's grandson

cowboy Chase Walker

and his dog Honey

Duke and Shy Boy

our working dogs 

Pet Members Of Our Family

Canadian Heritage Meats (CHM) has 3 mandates that constitute our MORAL MISSION; 1.Get ALL of our livestock off of ALL drugs including antibiotics, antimicrobials, and hormones.  2.When processing livestock we must use ALL meats, organs, and bones leaving nothing to waste.  3.STOP feeding any by-products of livestock back to livestock.  

Livestock by-products must only be fed to our pet carnivores (dogs & cats) to help control the horrific PRION DISEASES.

We raise Heritage Breeds of Livestock that are Antibiotic, Antimicrobial, Hormone & Stress Free. These Heritage Breeds include Bison, Beef, Elk, Wild Boar, Chicken & Turkey.  As Rod has demonstrated over the last ten years, the only way that we can accomplish our goal is through the proper use of minerals, vitamins, native pastures in the summer, and natural feed grains and hays with straw bedding and wind breaks in the winter, with clean-fresh-deep well water, and continual open fresh air and sunshine. In fact, we have come to call this NATURAL WAY as "ROD's RECIPE" for Healthy, Drug Free Livestock that provide: "Healthy Meats For People and Their Pets".

Healthy Meats for People and Their Pets