Rod Grams
Farm & Ranch Operations Manager

Rod was born and raised on a neighbouring family farm to Ralph’s in Central Alberta. Rod’s Father and both of his Grandfathers were born and raised hands on stockmen of Heritage Breeds of bovine, swine and equine in Alberta. For the last ten years Rod has had the lead boss position of controlling and overseeing all the farm and ranch operations. Ralph has complete confidence in "Rod's Recipe" and managerial skills.

Dr. Ralph Walker
Founder & President

Ralph was born & raised on a farm in Central Alberta Canada. His upbringing and education specialized in raising Heritage Breeds of Black Angus & Wagyu Cattle, Wild Boar, Elk, Bison, and Draft Horses. Ralph has his Central Alberta ranch at Byemoor where he continues to raise Heritage Breeds of Livestock. Ralph is a Research Scientist that discovered our first IMMUNIBIOTIC in 2006 with global patents pending. This founding research now continues around the world in Faculties of Medicine and Research Institutes.

James Webb
General Manager, Marketing & Sales

James has joined the Canadian Heritage Meats team bringing with him over three decades of marketing and sales experience. James first worked with Ralph back in 1996 when they founded and developed Calgary Homes & Lifestyles Magazine for the Calgary Home Builders Assoc.  After which James went on to found jimiMac Designs and then Twist Marketing. After leaving the agency he raised Red Angus cattle on his Longview ranch, developing an appreciation for naturally raised livestock. James' primary responsibility is opening up new global markets for the meats we harvest from our Naturally Raised (antibiotic and hormone free) Heritage Livestock.

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